Project waterdam

For several years we support a Kenyan school in the Masai Mara area. This is deep in Kenya, where the facilities are not yet fully developed. The school is called Olopikidong'oe Primary Boarding School. Our foundation supports this school with a warm heart and there is always a warm and friendly welcome.

We realized already some small projects. A sample from this is that we can put bunkbeds at the girls dorms. In several dormitories new windows, so it's draft-free. In addition, we have donated a water reservoir for water storage, as well as a hot water boiler. Especially to get/safe water, we want to help.

Oftentimes there is so little rain in this area, that the school is struggling with the drought and the school has been closed already several times because of lack of water. The necessary water must then be purchased. In March 2016 we have been in Kenya and we talked about this water problem. Our beautiful new target to help was born. The American 'Cora Blue Foundation' and our foundation 'Stichting Olopikidong'oe' join hands and made a commitment to realize a water basin. The rainwater will be collected. In this basin a dam will be placed, so we can provide the children with clean water. We are also proud that this project is not only for the school, but for the people in the area as well. For this broader project, District Masai Mara will support as well. So, good news !!

Foundation Olopikidong'oe wants to raise € 15,000, -, for bringing up, via a pump system, the water to the school. Will you help ??