Welcome to the Foundation Olopikidong'oe.

In 2011, a group of about 35 people from Andel travelled to Kenya to help to build a school near Lolgorian. This group slept on a school called Olopikidong'oe. We had a great time during the construction and our stay at the boarding school Olopikidong'oe. What struck us in this school was the condition of this school, but also that there was little on hand for the children. No clean drinking water, many broken windows, not every child had their own bed. But we also heard harrowing stories of children whose parents could not pay the complete school fees. Some children are orphan or have no father. And still their families wants that these children had go to school, because education is so desperately needed to get ahead in their lives!

A number of people from the group in 2011 have decided to start a foundation with the goal of education in the broadest sense of the word in Kenya, especially for the Olopikidong'oe Boarding School. The current board: Wilma van Andel (treasurer) and Kees van der Linden (Chairman). An ANBI number (charities) is assigned to the foundation by the Tax Office. People can have certain tax benefits when they donate money.

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Regards, Kees and Wilma.